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Certified Halal Tours

Published on Sun - 8th Apr 2018


Despite of Tanzania being the home of Muslim tourism attractions in areas such as Zanzibar, kilwa, Bagamoyo etc. the industry still needs to put more effort into promoting itself as a halal tourism destination.

Halal Tanzania is now intensively promoting the development of halal tourism in an effort to attract tourists from Muslim nations, particularly countries in the Middle East. Tourists are looking for new destinations and using new services aligned with their religious beliefs and values. Halal tourism is one such example; and health, physical fitness and mental health are some of its central concerns tangible effects enriching the soul and spirit as well as comfort of travelers.

Tanzania is perfect for vivid wildlife enthusiast, you can experience a once in a life time escapade so close to the wild, yet so comfortable in an array of lodging. Some of the best locales are available from Selous Game Reserve in the south, the halal friendly lodge in Saadani National Park north of Dar-es-Salam, to Arusha in the north. After all that, head to the beautiful island of Zanzibar where some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches await you.

Increased cooperation to highlight tourism’s potential to facilitate a better understanding of Halal tourism, alleviate poverty, create jobs for young people, women and small- and medium-sized enterprises, with an ultimate aim to promote inter-faith understanding

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