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Who we are

Halal Tanzania is the first and only travel agent in Tanzania offering inbound Halal Tourism. With our trained staffs, we specialize in hosting both Muslim & Non-Muslim travelers by planning their trips and arranging their tours to Tanzania. while at the same time offering a complete range of travel packages and tours

Tailor your trip

With our online Trip Planner , Choose from many pre-made experiences and luxuries all over Tanzania. Get to know the estimate Live from the site , you can also get custom quotes too!

We do the Planning

Now you have your trips in mind , which one do you start? How can you even minimize your cost even more , we advise you , you might end up saving even 30% of the estimated cost

Book your trip

To make the trip even better , book with us before your travelling date so that we can arrange the entire trip even before you land. Worry not we also have other options for sudden vacations ;)

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We publish articles relating to tourism in general every now and then

4 Astonishing Reasons Visit Zanzibar

Thu - 2nd Aug 2018 4169

Zanzibar being one of Tanzania's top destinations the number of tourist has always been high in all seasons due to its fascinating past and its incredible beaches.

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African Spice Land

Sat - 23rd Jun 2018 3870

As good as its name sounds, Zanzibar is well known for its production of spices in Africa. Get to know how Spices have been a pillar of Zanzibar's trade-heavy economy.

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Getting to Know Our Currency Matters

Wed - 9th May 2018 4001

Tanzania’s official currency is Tanzanian shilling which is convertible for US dollars, Euros, Pound etc. There are a lot of places where you can exchange money, but we advise you to use the trusted a

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Health Matters and Vaccination for Tourist

Fri - 4th May 2018 3646

While planning a trip to Tanzania or about to take a vacation across the border, Get prepared on matters concerning health. Get vaccinated and do full body checkups to have a smooth holiday in Tanzani

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