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Start Reading 4 Astonishing Reasons Visit Zanzibar up to Tanzania Visa Requirements for Foreigners

Here is where you can find our finest articles talking about different topics about the Travel Industry and Halal Tourism in general , we 've gathered 12 articles so far #Tanzania

4 Astonishing Reasons Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar being one of Tanzania's top destinations the number of tourist has always been high in all seasons due to its fascinating past and its incredible beaches.

African Spice Land

As good as its name sounds, Zanzibar is well known for its production of spices in Africa. Get to know how Spices have been a pillar of Zanzibar's trade-heavy economy.

Getting to Know Our Currency Matters

Tanzania’s official currency is Tanzanian shilling which is convertible for US dollars, Euros, Pound etc. There are a lot of places where you can exchange money, but we advise you to use the trusted a

Health Matters and Vaccination for Tourist

While planning a trip to Tanzania or about to take a vacation across the border, Get prepared on matters concerning health. Get vaccinated and do full body checkups to have a smooth holiday in Tanzani

Tanzania Visa Requirements for Foreigners

Just like any other country, Tanzania has its own visa requirement for foreigner seeking to enter the United Republic of Tanzania. Get to know the requirements before you start planning your trip to T