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The Pioneers of Muslim Friendly Tourism in Tanzania

Published on Fri - 6th Apr 2018


Halal Tourism is customized for Muslim members around the world by gearing tourism Sites, Foods and Activities.

Crescent Tours experts being one of the first pioneers of Halal Tourism Globally felt the need of special customized tourism attraction and activities of the estimated 1.62 billion people who were Muslims by 2013.

Halal Tourism Tanzania are the first pioneers of Halal tourism in Tanzania and the only travelling agency in the country which has catered in providing Halal tourism services within the country verified by Tanzania Halal Certification for Muslim friendly tourism.  
On a global perspective, the hotels in such destinations do not serve alcohol and have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women.

Halal Tourism Tanzania ensues the accessibility of halal food that is slaughtered in accordance with the teachings of Islamic Sharia and is free of any substances forbidden by Islam such as pork and alcohol. Some hotels have employed people from the Muslim world to provide translation services and other assistance that may be needed by tourists from Muslim countries.

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