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From Uluguru Mountains Tour to Katavi National Park Tour

Here is where you can find our finest halal friendly 28 tailored trips all over Tanzania

Uluguru Mountains Tour

Trekking in mount Uluguru is an exciting tour because it’s simple and short. Uluguru mountain route has a unique and diverse hydrological importance to the forest vegetation

4 days

Starting from

$ 1,056

Usambara Mountains Hiking

For an exquisite place for hiking, bird watching, mountain biking or relaxing Usambara mountain tour offers a vast of activities to ensure maximum relaxation.


Starting from

$ 1,136

Mount Meru Landscapes

Mt Meru is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Tanzania and recommended for a family visit or summer holiday tour. It’s the second highest peak in Tanzania.

3 days

Starting from

$ 796

Mahale National Park Tour

Experience the most fascinating last remaining stronghold of the chimpanzee in Africa at Mahale National Park. To top up your tour Mahale National park offers snorkeling and bird watching at Lake Tanganyika.

3 days and 2 nights

Starting from

$ 1,375

Katavi National Park Tour

Safari to Katavi national park is one of the undisturbed natural landscape. Enjoy the utmost experience of Tanzania’s wildlife by viewing a large number of hippopotamus and crocodile.

3 days

Starting from

$ 1,000