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From Gombe National Park Tour to Selous Game Reserve Tour

Here is where you can find our finest halal friendly 28 tailored trips all over Tanzania

Gombe National Park Tour

Marked as the smallest national park, Gombe is one of the few places where chimpanzees can still be found in their natural habitat. Perfect for game viewing, snorkeling and swimming in the lake and its streams.

3 days and 2 nights

Starting from

$ 1,500

Mikumi National Park Tour

Lies between the city of Dar es salaam and Iringa town, Mikumi national park is one of the largest national parks abundant in wildlife perfect for a getaway from Dar es Salaam city.

3 days

Starting from

$ 1,147

Udzungwa Mountains Tour

Udzungwa Mountain lies on the northern circuit perfect for hiking and trekking within the numerous trails set of forests and sanje waterfalls.


Starting from

$ 1,390

Ruaha National Park Tour

Bounded by the great river Ruaha, Ruaha National park has a great array of predators in Tanzania. For a family tour and group experience Ruaha is the closest park from Da es salaam.


Starting from

$ 2,593

Selous Game Reserve Tour

Discover the largest protected, undisturbed and dense park in Tanzania. Selous game reserve has the largest fauna reserve of the world.

4 days

Starting from

$ 1,509